Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Erectile dysfunction is the lack of will to have sex and erection or not beeing able to sustain the state during erection.
In this case, man can not provide the rigidity of the penis to initiate a sexual relationship or to continue to ensure that satisfaction. Erection (hardening) is an involuntary event that occurs in response to sexual excitement or stimulation.


A sexual stimulation can increase blood flow to the penis, as a result of the joint effect of brain, nerve, heart, blood vessels and hormones.

The penis consists of 3 tubular structure. Two of them are on the sides and the upper side, the other one is on the lower and middle side of the penis. The one at the bottom-middle has the the urinary tract and contributing to hardening is not much. The other two cylinders into the fullness of blood, the penis becomes larger for sexual intercourse, and hardening becomes steeper.

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60% of men will experience short-term or permanent impotence problems throughout their lives. Erectile dysfunction affects men's or couple's life in a negative way, but the results vary from person to person. Some men can accept it as a natural process. This may become a focal point to disrupt his entire life and depression in younger people may drag or in men with a more active life.

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