Top Tricks To Have A Good Natural And Lasting Erection


sometimes it is difficult to maintain a good erection for a long time. But there is nothing to worry about, you can get an easy and fast way erection .The causes of dysfunction can be very varied, from problems, from work stress, anxiety, depression, economic problems, obesity, among others. 

Be pateint at the beginning knowing that sexual impotence has a solution, We will share some tips that would for your erection problems. This problem will not last a lifetime, as long as you know how to make the best decisions.

 tricks to have a good natural and lasting erection

Although there are a number of pills for erections, you can also prefer natural options. Actually both are valid, but with the natural you will always be saved from the side effects.The secret to keeping a woman sexually happy is not in having the largest member, but in how you use it to satisfy her. Women, in general, need more time than men to reach orgasm, that is why you need to have it hard, strong and prolonged.

Here are some easy home tips that could for you

Let's see how to carry out each of them:

1-Massage your genitals

At least once a day, you should take 10 minutes to massage your penis. The goal of this exercise is that the greater amount of blood, so that the corpora cavernosa swell to get better erections. Initially you should center the massage on the base of the genitals.

Initially the goal is not to get you to stand firm, but to feel the touch, and enjoy the sensations. You must achieve a balance between the mind and the body to get it hard. You do not have to stress yourself, you just have to concentrate on each sensation that your member is receiving.

2-Practice with your partner to get a great erection

If you have the support of your partner is a great point in favor, your support and confidence will be essential for a speedy recovery.

To perform this exercise, place yourself face up, while your partner should caress around your genitals to warm up your erection. For this, you must close your eyes completely, and focus on the sensations you receive, it is very similar to the previous point.


To increase the erection you must identify on a scale of 1 to 10 your level of firmness. Always remember to keep your eyes closed while your partner caresses you. Let's suppose that you think you're at a level 5, you say it out loud, and your partner should confirm it, or not. At that moment you must open your eyes and check it.

Take it easy, in order to achieve a connection you must put aside the stress, and enjoy the moment, for the nervous system is not an impediment to the correct fluidity of the blood. You must repeat it day after day until you can correctly identify the level. In this way your brain will identify stress-free levels, allowing you to fully control the situation.

  1. Take care of your diet

You should try to maintain your ideal weight, since excess fat and cholesterol in the body clog the arteries, preventing proper blood supply. As you know, if the blood is not distributed as it should along the member, it will be very difficult to get it fixed any longer.

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To achieve this, you must avoid highly refined foods, or processed foods, saturated fats and the like, they will not help you achieve your goal. Otherwise, try to consume regularly: fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meat, fish, liver, brown rice, potatoes.


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