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What is the standard of an ideal sexual life: frequency or quality of the sexual process? What is the relationship between the quality of sex and the number of times it is practiced? And when is it easier to reach sexual climax for a woman? How does her age affect her sexual feelings?

We often hear that women reach the peak of their sexual feelings at the end of the age of 30. "But from the age of 35, their sexual sensations are 35 times better and better," according to what the Berliner Zeitung newspaper reported. And this is true, but it is conditional on lifestyle and its requirements. The pressures of life such as work, children, and obligations may also reduce sexual desire among women in their thirties, noting that dryness of a woman’s genital organ does not only occur during the “despair” stage, but it may also occur at an earlier time due to taking the contraceptive pill, for example. This may affect sexual desire, according to Brigitte's website.




In the middle of the age of 30, women reach climax more easily than in the younger age groups. This is because they have acquired sufficient knowledge and experience on how to reach the climax. "Many women, when they are in their twenties, believe that having sex is the key to reaching sexual climax, but they do not realize the importance of physical touches and caresses that are required to get them to that level until they reach their mid-30s," says medical gynecologist Alyssa Dweck from New York, according to Brigitte’s website. So the ability to reach sexual climax in a woman increases with age.

According to a Canadian study, most women and their male partners are happiest when they have sex once a week. As for those who have sex together frequently and frequently, they also may not reach the stage of satisfaction and sufficiency. But there is no reason to complain or to put pressure on your partner in life if the frequency of sexual intercourse decreases. The important rule that applies a lot here is: High sexual quality reduces the frequency of sexual intercourse.




How to make someone who loves him fall in love with you

Looking back, meeting the eyes, smiling and listening to those you want to fall in love with you, so that those you love and want to love you have fallen in love with you. With this simplicity, a person may win the heart of another person, according to what the American psychologist Neumann believes, according to the "Pixa Bay" 


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