The normal length and the upnormal length of the penis ft Prolargent5x5 pills

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The normal length and the upnormal length of the penis

many men wonder what raises the normal length of the penis despite the fact that it performs its full function and it is considered one of the most sensitive and embarrassing topics for men, and of great importance because it affects On the psychological state of a man with regard to a sexual relationship, his self-confidence, and sexual abilities.

Although the length of the member does not affect sexual enjoyment, but it is scientifically accepted that the average length of the normal erect male genital organ for an adult is within 14 cm, and like other parts of the body there is a difference between humans, for most males the length at erection ranges between 10 and 15 Poison, but in the case of non-erection, there is no specific measure for it, as for some it shrinks a lot, and for others, it remains relaxed, but when erect, the length is constant. As for the width of the member, it has little value as a woman's vagina has the ability to expand to accommodate various sizes, the important thing is the longer erection the penis can hold some time bigger size not erect longer enough so that importance of the length and the size is lost.


Method for measuring the normal length of the penis

Many young people bring a ruler and measure their penises to get rid of doubts and delusions. Joule the normal length of the penis. This measurement process is often inaccurate but it relieves many psychological confidence. There are other correct ways to measure the length of the erect penis also, when measuring an erect penis start completely from the point where it meets the pubic bone (ie the root of the penis from the top side ) Until the end.


It is known that the shape of the penis varies greatly from one person to another, so there is no typical shape of the penis, it may be facing upward in an erect position or downward or facing straight forward and it may be slightly deviated to the right or left, and the penis grows in a way. Accelerating between the ages of eleven and eighteen, and reaches a peak of size at the age of 21 In addition, no ethnic group or color has been proven superior to other human groups.


The natural length of the penis and how to enlarge it naturally

Today, increasing the size of the penis has become easy in the world of medicine, as there are several methods that can be resorted to solve this problem, which men usually resort to, and among these methods is the Andro Penis device, which is the many men used and common method among men, as it is not based on any surgery and therefore is considered good and the device is a plastic ring inside which the penis is placed, in addition to the presence of two metal rods to perform the stretching of the penis. The most secure method is using pills without any side effects Prolargent pills are the most effective herbal pills with no side effects simply you can take three months then you can gain bigger lengths, size, and longer erections. Prolargent pills also cure many sexual health problems.


The size of the penis can also be increased by injecting silicone into the penis through a surgical procedure, then new tissues and cells are grown around this injected silicone, and the size of the penis can also be increased through liposuction, and this process has two types, the first depends on penile injection Fat is sucked from different parts of the body and injected into the penis, thus increasing its size. As for the second type of this process, it depends on liposuction from the area around the penis, and thus the penis appears longer.  


It is also possible to increase the size of the penis, the skin implant (the dermis), which depends on removing the inner layer of skin from an area of ​​the body and implanting it under the outer layer of the penis skin, and this contributes to increasing the size of the penis.

Foods you should eat daily and before sexual intercourse can also have an impact on the change of length temporarily during sexual intercourse.


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