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The sexual relationship is one of the things that support the relationship between spouses, and in order for the intimate practice to last for a longer period, some advice and instructions must be followed.

Sexual relationship is considered one of the basic matters between spouses, and they find enjoyment and close to each other.

The duration of sexual intercourse between spouses is affected by a set of factors, some couples suffer from short intercourse and thus not obtaining sufficient pleasure.


Factors affecting the duration of sexual intercourse

According to several studies, the average time for penetration is 4 to 9 minutes, but the total practice from the start of foreplay to ejaculation can be up to 44 minutes.

There are some factors that affect the duration of a sexual relationship between spouses, and they are:

  • Age of the husband: As the husband’s younger age contributes to the duration of sexual intercourse, the younger he is, the better his sexual health and the longer it takes to practice.
  • The health of the husband: Even if he is young, his health may be weak as a result of smoking or mental and mental stress, which causes him to have premature ejaculation.
  • Male organ diseases: such as erectile dysfunction and prostatitis, lead to premature ejaculation, which makes the duration of their sexual relationship short.


In this case, the man needs to treat the problem that causes premature ejaculation until the period of sexual intercourse returns to its normal rate

Ways to prolong the time of sexual intercourse

Here are some natural methods that help extend the time of sexual intercourse:

  1. Foreplay between spouses

The greater the period of caress between spouses through foreplay and kissing, the greater the period of enjoyable relationship that the spouses spend together, and therefore it is advised that the foreplay period reaches about 10 minutes before penetration.

Also, adopting different methods of caressing helps in bringing together spouses and increasing feelings of love

And massage is considered one of the most important means of caress between spouses, especially in areas that increase their feelings of excitement.

And when the man caresses his wife, it will help her reach orgasm faster, which is good because it takes a longer period to reach the height of the excitement.


  1. Get rid of stress

There is a close relationship between feeling stressed and premature ejaculation in men, which causes a shortened sexual intercourse.

Tension may occur as a result of stress and excessive effort during work, in addition to excessive thinking and the presence of children at home, so the spouses seek to end the relationship quickly.

To overcome the feeling of tension, it is advised to practice sports that give the body relaxation, such as yoga, as well as listen to soothing music, and it is recommended to have sex while children sleep.

  1. Create an atmosphere

The intimate relationship requires a romantic atmosphere in the room, and this stimulates the sexual enjoyment better.

A romantic atmosphere can be created in the room through the use of dim light and candle lighting, in addition to applying the partner's favorite perfume.

It is also advised that the weather is cool in the room and not hot because this helps delay the euphoria of the two partners.

  1. Change the position of the practice

A simple but effective trick to prolong the duration of intimacy, by changing the position of the practice as the approaching orgasm.

And the husband can do this if he feels that he is about to ejaculate so that it takes time and returns to the stage of penetration and erection again.

It is preferable to change the position more than once during the same practice, as this increases the pleasure of the spouses and prolongs the duration of the sexual relationship.

  1. Pressure on the penis

In the event that a man feels that he is about to ejaculate, he can do simple pressure on the head of the penis for 5 to 10 seconds. This reduces blood flow and delays ejaculation, thus calming his excitement.

Then he can resume practicing the relationship for an additional time until ejaculation occurs again.

But this procedure should not be repeated more than once, as it is sufficient to do it once during a sexual encounter.


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