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The biggest complaint of married couples isthe lost the passion for sex. Do not deceive yourself that being each other's best friend will make your marriage will last forever. Sooner or later, one of the partners, will have an interest in someone else. For a successful marriage, you should talk frequently and honestly with each other. You should be able to talk about everything. You must solve the problems together, you must be a team. Whatever happens, your communication must continue..

You can try a few different ways to spice up your sex life:

Make-Up Sex
After discussing, it can be more meaningful to have sex when you forgive each other.

Fantasy Sex
Add nurse fantasy, slave master fantasy, stripper and customer fantasy come to your sex routine and enrich the scenario with costumes, masks, sex toys, leather outfits.

Romantic Sex
You can enhance this option like a candle light, dinner, a light chat, stylish clothes, nice hotel room ideas. This always work with anniversaries, Valentine's Day or when the relationship needs a little excitement.

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Sneaky Sex
This is electrifying as the forbidden fruit. While children are watching television, when you go to your parent’s home, in your old room or your partner's work…Having sex behind locked doors can be extremely exciting.

Relaxation Sex
To have sex when one of you upset or stressed will strengthen the bond between you and your partner.

New Couple Sex
Revive the first days of your relationship. You meet up somewhere, drink coffee, and you go crazy to go home and make love.

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