Guide To Sexy Arousal Tips & Ideas part 2

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Who Can Enjoy sexual foreplay?



Although commonly used to describe the arousal activities between lovers and couples, foreplay isn’t the sole reserve of partnered people. You can enjoy it by yourself, getting yourself in the mood for pleasurable solo playtimes in a leisurely, relaxing way.

Sexual Foreplay doesn’t matter about your gender or sexuality either. Anyone who is interested in sex and improving their sexual experiences can benefit from learning about sexy arousal techniques both in and outside the bedroom. Spending time on foreplay as a passionate event in its own right, instead of a rushed, obligatory pre-sex chore, will make you feel cared about, allows your body to relax, and provides you with ample time to properly consider from both a mental and physical viewpoint) whether you want to take things further.

Foreplay Tips & Ideas

Spend Time Together Doing Non-Sexual Activities

Sexual Foreplay is ok to may seem an odd way to begin a top foreplay tips list. How is spending time together doing non-sexual things supposed to help with sexual arousal? Spending time with your partner outside of a sexual setting is surprisingly effective in terms of rediscovering those honeymoon-style tingles of lusty attraction.


Prepare Your Mind & Body

Sexual Foreplay 101: Your Big Guide To Sexy Arousal Tips & IdeasSex isn’t simply a 2-piece flesh jigsaw! Get the immense satisfaction and mutual fulfillment you both deserve from your sex sessions, by making sure you’re mentally prepared first. Take your time and try not to rush things. Spend time visualizing what attracts you to your partner, what you love about them, as well as what makes you feel sexually confident in yourself.

Do Your Homework

You’re not expected to magically know all the erogenous zones or transform into an anatomy professor at a whim. There’s no shame in studying up beforehand so that you have the scientific knowledge involved to help you make better and more confident choices in the bedroom when it comes to arousing your lover.



Sexual Foreplay may have been a huge part of the early days of attraction between you and your partner, particularly during a traditional courtship phase before having sex. Why does flirting have to stop just because you’re now settled in a relationship and have a regular sex life? Flirting is an amazing technique for teasing, seducing, and enticing your partner to want more –no matter what stage of a relationship you’re in.


Don’t Touch

Not touching, as a great foreplay tip, might seem a bit counter-intuitive. We’re going to put what I said previously, about the brain being our largest sexual organ, to the test.

For me at least, sex is so much better when I’ve been mentally aroused for some time beforehand. When I’ve had the time to muse over the physical thrills and satisfaction to come, and my mind is eventually at the same point my body is, in terms of being receptive to sexual stimulation and shared pleasure during sex with my partner. Take your time and tease. Don’t feel pressured to rush to what is assumed to be the ‘next step’. Send sexy selfies if you both like, but there needn’t be any pressure for those, either. Talk about what you want to do, or fantasies that have previously been kept secret in favor of routine realities.


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