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Guide To Sexy Arousal Tips & Ideas 

Enjoy this comprehensive foreplay guide with top tips for effective ‘before sex’ arousal

Brilliant sexual foreplay can mean the difference between stagnant, monotonous sex life, and keeping the spice and magic of a relationship alive. Are you stuck for ideas for fantastic before sex arousal and supremely arousing foreplay? Welcome to my comprehensive guide to lovers’ arousal techniques: sexual foreplay 101. have collated top foreplay tips and best foreplay ideas so that sexy singles, new lovers, and couples in relationships can enjoy the breath-taking wonder of a truly satisfying sex life.

Fantastic foreplay is so much more than a quick fondle before penetration or orgasms. Some people take longer to become aroused enough to fully enjoy sex than others. The skin is our largest physical organ (sorry chaps), but the brain is the biggest sex organ. Don’t neglect psychological stimulation in your pursuit of physical pleasure.



Let us start with What Is Foreplay?

Is foreplay a big deal to you? Perhaps you’re not sure exactly what it is. Is it a waste of time, just a romantic fantasy – or a valuable part of mutual sexual satisfaction? Is foreplay important or not?

Sexual Foreplay is any activity designed to provoke passion, arouse the libido, and prepare the mind and body for sex. These activities can be enjoyed all by themselves and they don’t have to lead to sex. Many people may view foreplay just as whatever happens in the half-hour leading up to sexual intercourse. In reality, it can start a long time before sex takes place and definitely isn’t limited to the bedroom location.

A person may feel physically ready for sex, whether that manifests as an erection, flowing natural lubrication, tingling nerve endings in erogenous areas or other. It can take our minds a little longer to catch up to the physical aspects, which is where foreplay really comes into its own. Thoroughly satisfying sex is a combination of both physical and psychological arousal.


When & Where Does It Happen?

It’s often assumed that foreplay is something that only happens in the bedroom. This is an enormous misconception.

Sexual Foreplay can begin at any time of the day. You could be sat at your work desk while your partner is at home. You might be in the shower, thinking of ways to tease them the next time you speak. It could just be an extra kinky suggestion at the end of a typed or verbal message.

The magic begins in your mind, with the help of your imagination. With teasing glances, subtle spoken or typed hints, sharing fantasies in conversations outside of the bedroom, you’ll experience mutual before sex arousal like never before. Just imagine the explosive sexy fun you’ll enjoy once you do make it to the bedroom!


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