Causes of low testosterone in men with Prolargent5x5 extreme pills cure methods

What are the causes of low testosterone in men? What are the risk factors? Here are the most important details in the following article.


There are many causes of low testosterone in men, which require consulting a doctor for help in diagnosis, and treatment to avoid complications and effects that may occur to the patient, and in this article, we will learn about the most common causes and other important information:



Causes of low testosterone in men

The amount of testosterone in a man’s body gradually decreases with age, and there are many reasons for a lack of testosterone in other men, the most prominent of which are:


Injury to the testicles

Damage to the testicles caused by injury affects the blood flow of the testicles and the production of the hormone testosterone.


Inflammatory conditions

The inflammation caused by sarcoidosis and orchitis lowers the level of the hormone testosterone in the blood.

Metabolic disorders

Metabolic disorders such as hemochromatosis, which raises the level of iron in the blood and causes problems in the testicle or pituitary gland, contribute to a decrease in testosterone production and the formation of sperm.

  • Hormones used in treating diseases

The hormones used to treat prostate cancer are among the causes of low testosterone in men.

Genetic syndromes

Kallmann Syndrome and Klinefelter's syndrome are syndromes that affect the gonads and low testosterone.

Weight problems

Obesity and severe weight loss lead to decreased testosterone levels.

Chronic kidney failure

Low testosterone is a common sign in men with kidney failure and other chronic diseases.

High estrogen

An increase in the hormone estrogen affects the level of the testosterone hormone.

Undergo chemotherapy or radiation.

Exposure to chemotherapy or radiation causes sperm problems and impaired testosterone production, although the effects of treatment are temporary, in some cases, permanent sterility may occur.

Tumors of the pituitary gland

Dysfunction of the pituitary gland is one of the main causes of low testosterone in men, as the secretion of sex hormones in the testicles is impaired, which negatively affects the production of the natural testosterone hormone.

  • alcoholism

Alcoholism lowers testosterone, as well as some other reproductive hormones in men.

Taking some medications

Certain medications, such as opioid pain relievers and corticosteroids, affect testosterone.

Cirrhosis of the liver

In men with advanced liver disease and cirrhosis, testosterone levels are reduced by up to 90%.

  • HIV infection

HIV-positive men have low testosterone levels, whether or not treated.

Type 2 diabetes

Most men with type 2 diabetes have low testosterone.


Hypothyroidism negatively affects the production of sex hormones and the growth of the gonads in males, which contributes to markedly low testosterone.

  • exposure to a traumatic brain injury

Low testosterone and poor fertility in men are two of the most common complications of brain tumors.




Risk factors

Risk factors vary from person to person depending on the causes of low testosterone in men, and here are the main risk factors:

  1. Malnutrition.
  2. Obesity.
  3. Infection with HIV.
  4. Aging.
  5. Previous exposure to radiation or chemotherapy.

Treatment of low testosterone in men

Doctors resort to treating the lack of testosterone in men through medical alternatives to testosterone, and here are the most prominent of them:

Testosterone injections

Testosterone is injected intramuscularly approximately every 10 or 14 days.

Testosterone patches

Testosterone patches that are applied to different areas of the body, such as arms, buttocks, back, and abdomen, are used daily.

Testosterone gel

A testosterone gel is applied to the patient's dry skin, particularly on the upper back and arms, to avoid accidentally spreading the hormone to another person.

Subcutaneous implantation of a source of testosterone

The patient's small pellets are implanted under the skin to release the testosterone hormone into the blood.


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The mixture to strengthen erection in men and other natural recipes  with PROLargent5x5 extreme pills 

The mixture strengthens erection in men, this is what many men are looking for, so the article will review mixtures and recipes with tremendous results.

Erectile dysfunction is the inability of a man to achieve an erection suitable for sexual intercourse, which affects the sexual relationship between spouses, so what is the solution?

The solution lies in the medical treatment or to take a mixture to strengthen the erection of the man.

Let us know what comes about a mixture to strengthen erection in men, in addition to some other recipes:

The mixture to strengthen erection in men

You can use some natural methods and recipes that help to strengthen erection in men, the most important of which is the mixture of honey and nuts.

The honey with the nuts mixture is obtained by grinding a number of raw nuts, such as almonds, cashews, pistachios, peanuts, and hazelnuts, then mixing them with natural honey.

The mixture of honey and nuts was chosen as the most prominent mixture to strengthen erection in men for several reasons, which are that the mixture:

  1. The man’s sexual arousal increases, and the duration of sexual intercourse may increase.
  2. It helps increase blood flow to the genitals because honey contains many vitamins and minerals.
  3. Improve erection strength.
  4. It increases fertility, as it improves sperm quality.



It is recommended to eat a mixture of honey and nuts before engaging in sexual intercourse between spouses.

Pine plays a major role in improving erection, as it enhances the functioning of the reproductive organs and sexual health in men, so it can be added to the mixture or added to the authorities.

Other recipes for erectile dysfunction

The aforementioned mixture for strengthening erection in men is not the only one, as some other natural ingredients can be used that help to strengthen erection in men, including:

  • Ginger

Ginger can be used to raise the levels of male hormones, which increases blood circulation in the genitals and prolongs the duration of sexual intercourse.

The zinc present in ginger acts as a stimulant to enhance the production of the hormone testosterone (Testosterone), and other vitamins available in it improve the function of the sex glands, including:

  1. Vitamin K.
  2. Vitamin A.
  3. Vitamin C.
  4. Vitamin B1 (Thiamin).



  • the Garlic

Garlic is a natural ingredient that helps stimulate blood circulation, strengthen erections, and increase sperm activity.

This is because it contains Sulfuretted hydrogen, as well as Vitamins B complex, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, sodium and selenium, all of which improve sexual health.

A mixture of garlic can be prepared to strengthen erection in men by adding honey to garlic.

  • pomegranate juice

Pomegranate can help improve erections and reduce sexual problems in a man, but not much evidence has emerged about this.

Pomegranate juice is high in powerful antioxidants that help fight oxidative stress, so it can be used to strengthen erections associated with diabetes.


Watermelon is characterized by its delicious and refreshing taste in the summer season, as it is rich in many important nutrients, and it can help in enhancing erection.

Watermelon contains high levels of the amino acid citrulline, which helps expand blood vessels and thus improve blood flow to various parts of the body, including the penis.

Watermelon can also be made from watermelon to strengthen erection in men, by making watermelon juice and adding nuts to it.

  • Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is not a cure for erectile dysfunction, but it can help treat some of the health problems that cause it.

Apple cider vinegar can be used to strengthen erections in diabetics, as it increases glucose control, weight management, and heart disease prevention.



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8 Proven Ways to Increase Testosterone Levels Naturally With PROLARGENT5X5 EXTREME PİLLS


We include products we think are useful for our readers. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. Here’s our process. Testosterone is the main male sex hormone, but females also have small amounts of testosterone.


  1. Exercise and Lift Weights

Exercise is one of the most effective ways to prevent many lifestyle-related diseases. Interestingly, it can also boost your testosterone.

  1. Eat Protein, Fat, and Carbs

What you eat has a major impact on testosterone as well as other hormone levels. Therefore, you must pay attention to your long-term calorie intake and diet strategy. Constant dieting or overeating may disrupt your testosterone levels


  1. Minimize Stress and Cortisol Levels

Research is always highlighting the dangers of long-term stress, which can elevate levels of the hormone cortisol.

  1. Get Some Sun or Take a Vitamin D Supplement

Vitamin D is quickly becoming one of the world’s most popular vitamins.

  1. Take Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

Although the benefits of multivitamins are hotly debated, specific vitamins and minerals may be beneficial

  1. Get Plenty of Restful, High-Quality Sleep

Getting good sleep is just as important for your health as diet and exercise.


  1. Take Some of These Natural Testosterone Boosters

Only a few natural testosterone boosters are supported by scientific studies.

  1. Follow a Healthy Lifestyle and Avoid Estrogen-like Compounds

There are several other factors that may affect your hormone levels.



Why Do Testosterone Levels Matter?

From the age of 25–30, a man’s testosterone levels naturally start to decline.

This is a problem because strong research shows a link between low testosterone and obesity, increased disease risk, and premature death.

Healthy testosterone levels are also important for women, along with other key hormones such as estrogen and progesterone.

Therefore, everyone should take the necessary lifestyle steps to optimize testosterone levels. You will improve your health and body at the same time.



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Healthy Ways to have sex: What a man wants and what a woman wants



Men imagine big breasts, women are lying on wool, men want now, women are asking for foreplay. Sexologists explain the differences between men and women in having sex

Men imagine big breasts, women imagine wool, men want to have sex now, women want foreplay, men yearn for oral sex, women are the surroundings.

The differences lie in the different physical structures between men and women and social education. Yes, but the generalization of saying that there are differences between men and women regarding ways of having sex may oppress many women and men. This is because many women, in particular, have a lot of desire to have sex and behave more "manly". On the other hand, there are not a few men whose sexual relationship is directly and strongly linked to passion, such as women.

But even so, we tried to figure out the difference in how the sexes have sex. We wanted to examine the differences in the factors of "arousal" of men and women, who cares more about the surrounding atmosphere during sex, what are the differences in fantasies, and what do both parties expect in the first meeting?

The difference in sexual desire between a man and a woman

Sexologists explain that there is a fundamental difference between men and women with regard to sexual desire. Men have a higher level of testosterone so they want to have sex all the time.

Women also have testosterone, but when women change the menstrual cycle from the hormonal cycle, so that there are days that increase their sexual desire, and there are days when there is a decrease in sexual desire.

There are women who suffer from hormonal problems so that their sexual desire is high all the time, and there is the opposite - they have no sexual desire at all.

Female sexual desire also relates to the man they have sex with and the ways to have sex. If a man knows how to flirt, give love, look in the eyes, appreciate, then he can arouse the woman more.

There are men whose sexual desire is strong and makes them act like animals, instinctively, and not out of love. This alienates women. This harms the relationship and separates the man from the woman.

The specialist explains that a man’s affection appears "during sex", while a woman's affection is present "before sex": "In order for a man to show affection, he needs to have sex, and after sex, the man becomes more emotionally open."

"A woman wants affection first, and then sexual attraction occurs. To arouse a woman, she should talk to her affection. For example, compliment her. A woman who is being flirted behaves completely differently than she is treated as a tool."

The sexual specialist adds that strong sexual desire in men makes their fantasies focus only on sex.

"Male fantasies usually focus on sex, focus on the sexual process itself. On the other hand, women's fantasies focus more on the intimate, romantic, and sensual relationship, and not the sexual process itself. Men visualize sex - women visualize romance."


Sexual excitement for men and women

It is assumed that there is a fundamental difference between men and women in the way in which sexual arousal is aroused. In men, physical attraction works - when seeing a beautiful girl, arousal and erection occur.

In the woman, it is not yet known how the mechanism works and how sexual arousal occurs. If they had known, it would be available now, Viagra for women.

In women, additional factors come into the equation. For example, what were a woman's first sexual experiences and what 'taste' she left?

Specialists also agree and say, "Sex in men is an instinct - a man is always ready for sex and is easily aroused. In women, sex is a reaction - a reaction to the psychological and emotional process that you go through after getting to know a man."

The difference is in foreplay before sex

Sexologists believe that men need foreplay less: “In men, the focus is on the sexual organs. long.

For women, foreplay is more important to achieving sexual arousal. For example, some women want hugs, flirting, feelings of affection, romance, and more. In men, all of these things are less important, usually.

Men tend to skip the foreplay stage because they want to penetrate, to satisfy their cravings. Women need foreplay in order to get into the sexual process. Without foreplay, many women feel like a tool. Today, a clear change has occurred and young people are becoming more aware of a woman's need for foreplay.

The role of society in implanting differences - lesson one - (not to stir up controversy)

Social education causes differences between men and women. "Society sends different messages to men and women, from an early age."

For example, women often find it more difficult to have oral sex or to have this type of sex. A woman who wants to have oral sex often views herself and society views her as a "bitch", a prostitute, and so on.


Women find it even more difficult to accept oral sex. Some even become disgusted with their sexual organs and think: "Why would a man want to stroke my sexual organ, since it is so disgusting?"

Some women believe in themselves: If I am a woman who has unfamiliar sex, or in private locations - in the sea, the kitchen, on the washing machine, what does that mean to me, what will they think of me, only bitches and bitches do like that.

In contrast, men are more closely related to sex and their sexual organ. It is easier for them to have oral sex. Men allow themselves more enjoyment all the time and everywhere. They don't think about what society or women would think of them if they had oral sex, for example.

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus

A man is allowed to be a "Don-Juan". Men do not have social prohibitions or negative messages from society, as he has social legitimacy.

The specialists add that "men are taught how to occupy, get things in life, and the same is true for sex, getting and having sex with a woman."

The role of society in implanting differences - the second lesson - (Do not be fat or old)

Sometimes, women are more sexually closed off than men because of self-perception. “Society prefers skinny, beautiful, and young women.

There is social pressure on women to be skinny, and even skinny women, sometimes, are even ashamed of their bodies and think that they are not thin enough. It is well known that there is a close relationship between eating disorders and sexual performance problems.

This social lesson makes women more sexually closed. If a woman does not like her body, it will be difficult for her to accept her sexuality.

On the other hand, most men are usually less affected by their physical appearance during sex. A rumen or old age usually does not diminish men's strong desire for sex.

The effect of the general atmosphere on sex

Women need an appropriate atmosphere to enter the sexual process. "Dim lighting, so that you do not see defects, the music ... They want the husband to be clean and fragrant, to be a party full of feelings, to have no other thoughts and things to worry about. For example, the child makes a noise, what about the children, what should I do?" Should I do it tomorrow? "

Women are multi-tasking: They can think of a thousand things while having sex, and yet they enjoy it.

But in men, everything works more simply, they do not need a special atmosphere. This is a plus for them, and they also do not need a suitable atmosphere in the same amount that women do in order to have erections and sexual excitement.

How do the differences between men and women affect the marital relationship?


How do differences between men and women affect the first encounter?

Theoretically and in most cases, a man wants to have sexual intercourse from the first meeting and even before his marriage. Women do not, in part because society has determined that if a woman agrees to intercourse at the first encounter, she is considered a prostitute. Fortunately, in practice, our society does not allow such cases, nor do they apply on the ground.

Men want sexual intercourse because girls like them for their outward appearance. But women usually do not agree to accept a man if they think that the man does not suit them, even if he looks beautiful in their eyes.

Finally, how do all these differences affect the marital relationship?

The differences between a man and a woman in terms of sexuality, and in everything else in life, can affect three different forms: Either the difference leads to the dissolution of the relationship, or the difference leads to conflicts within the relationship, or the spouses conduct a mature dialogue at the end of which they reach a solution Center.

The compromise is compromised. If a man wants to have sex seven times a week, and a woman once a week, the compromise is four times a week, roughly.


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The quality and frequency of sex  with PROLARGENT5X5 EXTREME PİLLS...  Know things that no one talks about!

What is the standard of an ideal sexual life: frequency or quality of the sexual process? What is the relationship between the quality of sex and the number of times it is practiced? And when is it easier to reach sexual climax for a woman? How does her age affect her sexual feelings?

We often hear that women reach the peak of their sexual feelings at the end of the age of 30. "But from the age of 35, their sexual sensations are 35 times better and better," according to what the Berliner Zeitung newspaper reported. And this is true, but it is conditional on lifestyle and its requirements. The pressures of life such as work, children, and obligations may also reduce sexual desire among women in their thirties, noting that dryness of a woman’s genital organ does not only occur during the “despair” stage, but it may also occur at an earlier time due to taking the contraceptive pill, for example. This may affect sexual desire, according to Brigitte's website.




In the middle of the age of 30, women reach climax more easily than in the younger age groups. This is because they have acquired sufficient knowledge and experience on how to reach the climax. "Many women, when they are in their twenties, believe that having sex is the key to reaching sexual climax, but they do not realize the importance of physical touches and caresses that are required to get them to that level until they reach their mid-30s," says medical gynecologist Alyssa Dweck from New York, according to Brigitte’s website. So the ability to reach sexual climax in a woman increases with age.

According to a Canadian study, most women and their male partners are happiest when they have sex once a week. As for those who have sex together frequently and frequently, they also may not reach the stage of satisfaction and sufficiency. But there is no reason to complain or to put pressure on your partner in life if the frequency of sexual intercourse decreases. The important rule that applies a lot here is: High sexual quality reduces the frequency of sexual intercourse.




How to make someone who loves him fall in love with you

Looking back, meeting the eyes, smiling and listening to those you want to fall in love with you, so that those you love and want to love you have fallen in love with you. With this simplicity, a person may win the heart of another person, according to what the American psychologist Neumann believes, according to the "Pixa Bay" 


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primary premature ejaculation  how to prevent and get a loger erections with PROLARGENT5X5 EXTREME pills.

The World Organization for Sexual Health defines premature ejaculation as that which occurs permanently or almost permanently within a minute of penetration before the desire to ejaculate, either before or shortly after penetration, provided that this causes frustration for one or both spouses.

And the old definition is the ejaculation that occurs before the husband and wife reach the stage of sexual satisfaction, regardless of the time

  Premature ejaculation or premature ejaculation: It is a common sexual problem for men; It affects 30% to 40% of men, and it means lack of control over the ejaculation process, and it is the most common sexual disease in men.

Rapid ejaculation represents a severe psychological and nervous burden on the man. It also afflicts women with frustration and leads to a lack of sexual desire or flight from sexual intercourse for fear of not being satisfied. Men who suffer from premature ejaculation are basically very normal, and their problem is a lack of control over the time of ejaculation. Opinions about determining when premature ejaculation are still not specified, and there has been much debate about it in the medical community. Some doctors refused to define ejaculation as coming every four or five minutes from the start of intercourse because they believed that determining rapid ejaculation should be measured from the time of penetration in The vagina reaches the time of ejaculation, which is usually less than a minute in 90% of cases.


What is the normal time for the sexual process?

The time for the sexual process is from three to seven minutes, with an average of five minutes, but if it is less or more, there is no problem, so the lesson is the sexual satisfaction of both parties.

Types of premature ejaculation

  Primary premature ejaculation:

And in it, the man is quick to ejaculate since the beginning of his sexual life, that is, from the first day of marriage, and does not improve with the passage of time and the most famous reason is the hypersensitivity of the penis.

  Secondary premature ejaculation (acquired):

And in it, the man is normal at the beginning of his sexual life, and after a short or long period, he suffers rapid ejaculation due to organic reasons.

Rare species

Accidental premature ejaculation (sometimes it happens constantly)

Rapid ejaculation after a sufficient period of more than three minutes in a continuous sexual movement

How does ejaculation happen?

When the penis touch receptors are stimulated, the penile nerves send signals to the ejaculatory centers in the coccygeal region of the spinal cord, which in turn sends signals to the parasympathetic nerve nodes that send nerve signals to the vas deferens, the seminal vesicle and the prostate to eject the semen into the posterior urethra. Increased pressure inside the posterior urethral canal due to the entry of semen; It sends nerve signals to the spinal cord that causes the muscles inside the penis to contract and ejaculation occurs.

Causes of premature ejaculation

Organic reasons

1- A deficiency of serotonin in the ejaculatory centers of the cerebellum or a defect in the nerve receptors dependent on this substance, which leads to a decrease in the level of excitation of these nerve receptors.

2- Multiple sclerosis disease of the spinal cord.

3- Peripheral nerve infections in their early stages before they become atrophied. These infections may occur with diabetes, excessive alcohol use, or exposure to some heavy metals such as mercury.

4- The permanent congestion in the pelvis, which arises from the prostate.

5- Using neurostimulators for long periods of time, as happens in the case of using slimming pills.

6- The recovery period from addiction drugs is accompanied by premature ejaculation until the nervous system stabilizes and the addiction effect is completely eliminated.

7- The hormonal imbalance and its disorders that affect some men affect the sexual ability and the nature of ejaculation control.

8- Different cancers affect a man’s sexual ability and the nature of his sexual performance.


Psychological reasons.

1- The tension in sexual performance arises from fear of premature ejaculation or fear of losing an erection.

2- Repetition of sexual experiences in unsafe conditions with the accompanying fear and anxiety, which leads the brain to get rid of these situations by speeding up the end of the sexual process by ejaculation.

3- A sense of inferiority in front of a dominant wife, which gives the husband a sense of his lack of control over the sexual position.

4- Secret habit and excessive practice.

5- Causing a state of apathy between the spouses for any psychological reason

6- The spacing of the periods between each intercourse and the next, which is a common condition that occurs after the wife’s pregnancy and as a result of the lack of intercourse during that period, as well as family problems that prevent intercourse for a long time.

7 - A demanding wife who does not help her husband to treat his condition, but rather asks him always to have intercourse or a very excited wife.

8- Arousal and adult slits, which many wives resort to, cause an increase in the state of rapid ejaculation.

9- Excessive sexual intercourse since the beginning of puberty.

 Premature ejaculation is an accurate and sensitive indicator of the extent of compatibility between spouses.

Treating premature ejaculation

Treating prostate infections

  • Erectile dysfunction treatment
  • Behavioral and educational therapy such as start-and-stop training
  • Psychotherapy in partnership with the wife.
  • Use appropriate medications to control premature ejaculation, such as antidepressants (SSRIs)
  • Use a condom because it reduces sensation.
  • Increase the period of foreplay or excitement before penetration.
  • Exercises to treat premature ejaculation
  • The use of some creams or sprays found in pharmacies, which are a local anesthetic that is sprayed on the penis.

Injecting the insulating substance between the skin and nerves (hyaluronic acid)

We must note that until now, there are no processes for premature ejaculation.

The use of some vitamins that contribute to the treatment of premature ejaculation, such as:

  1. Folic acid: It improves human mood, reduces feelings of anxiety, mood swings, and depression.
  2. Vitamin C: Thanks to its antioxidant properties, it contributes to removing lactic acid and harmful “free radicals” that accumulate in the pelvis and penis with repeated ejaculation.
  3. Vitamin E: It is considered one of the most powerful antioxidants, as it has a great ability to get rid of harmful free radicals that contribute to premature ejaculation, and destroy the cells and walls of blood vessels in the penis.

Tips to get rid of premature ejaculation

Reducing anxiety and tension as much as possible, especially since they are among the main causes of premature ejaculation.

- If the husband practices masturbation for any reason, he must completely stop it because it causes sexual problems.

- The wife must understand the husband's condition, help him, and not become a psychological pressure on him.

- It is also advised to increase the time given to the process of caressing, fondling, and kissing as much as possible instead of starting directly in the process of intercourse, which will increase the man’s ability to control the ejaculation process, and the actual duration of intercourse in which penetration occurs will increase, and as the sexual satisfaction of the woman will increase, and remain The man’s task is to bring her to the thrill of eroticism and satisfy her sexual needs more easily, and it is also recommended to wear a condom during the intimate relationship.

Among the most prominent exercises and other methods that contribute to the treatment of premature ejaculation: 1. Control the muscle used in ejaculation, as research indicates that training one of the muscles in the pelvis improves your ability to control the ejaculation process by repeating the contraction and extension process, and this can be identified. The muscle through the sudden stopping of urination during the flow of urine, and is itself responsible for controlling the ejaculation process and enables you to tighten control over it.

- Be sure to practice the aforementioned pelvic muscle exercises regularly and on a daily basis, as to hold it for three consecutive repetitions and then stretch it, and repeat this movement several times, and try to increase the number of repetitions with the passage of time and increase the time during which this muscle is contracted and tight What will have a great impact on tightening your control over ejaculation, and the conduct of the sexual process as you wish.123

What are the methods used by the husband during the sexual process to delay ejaculation?

It includes the following:

  1. Stopping and starting after the process of foreplay with your wife, start the process of penetration and stimulate your penis, until you feel close to the process of ejaculation or ejaculation, to quickly stop continuing the penetration for a period of time and repeat this process several times.
  2. When you feel the maximum amount of sexual excitement is reached and the ejaculation process is approaching, withdraw your penis and squeeze the front of the penis, especially in the area where the penis meets the head of the penis, or what is known as the glans.
  3. Continue sexual intercourse again and repeat the penetration process for 30 seconds. Even if the erection of the penis decreases, intercourse must continue in any case and the erection process will improve with the passage of time.

Repeat the previous steps several times until you feel that ejaculation is approaching, repeat steps 2 and 3 again, and with the passage of time, your ability to control the ejaculation process will increase thanks to the squeezing process.

Delayed ejaculation

  Delayed ejaculation in men refers to the man’s inability to ejaculate semen except after long periods of time that may reach 30 minutes from erection and penetration until reaching the peak of orgasm, which develops over time to the inability to ejaculate (failure to ejaculate) in some men. Although it is usual to happen and delayed ejaculation from time to time in men, delayed ejaculation is diagnosed as a problem or classified as an ejaculation disorder when it continues to occur significantly for long periods.

Causes of delayed ejaculation

 Delayed ejaculation occurs as a result of a chronic disease or physical, psychological problems, or even taking certain drugs or undergoing surgery, such as prostate surgeries, for example. And the organic causes of delayed ejaculation vary between congenital defects in the reproductive system since birth, or infection with a neurological disease such as damage to the nerves that transmit excitement to the spine as a result of diabetes, for example, or a wound to one of the nerves responsible for the occurrence of orgasm in the man, and hormonal changes may also occur. It causes delayed ejaculation. This is in addition to a urinary tract infection. The problems of marriage, depression, and tension in addition to a fear of intercourse during the first days of marriage and the collision between fantasy and reality in the sexual relationship are the psychological causes of delayed ejaculation. Medicines cannot be ignored, as they cause delayed ejaculation, as antidepressants, some blood pressure medicines, and diuretics, in addition to alcohol, may greatly affect and delay ejaculation.

Delayed ejaculation treatment

  The treatment of delayed ejaculation depends mainly on identifying and treating the cause. The treatment may differ between psychological or marital counseling or understanding between spouses. Reducing alcohol and changing or reducing the doses of drugs that cause delayed ejaculation may improve the condition, and there are no specific drugs for treating delayed ejaculation, but there are some medicines that help improve the condition indirectly.

Reverse ejaculation

  Instead of semen coming out of the urethra and into the urogenital opening when climaxing is reached, semen enters the urinary bladder and this condition is called a dry orgasm. Despite reaching orgasm, however, ejaculation may not occur outside the penis at all, or only small drops are released, and when urinating after intercourse, turbidity is noticed in the urine as a result of its mixing with semen, and the process of reverse ejaculation is not harmful to the man, but it can and cause sterility where the man is not able On fertilization.

Reasons for the occurrence of retrograde ejaculation

  The reasons for the occurrence of reverse ejaculation are related to the problems of the bladder neck muscle, in reverse ejaculation, there is no narrowing of this muscle, so the semen enters the neck of the bladder that has not been tightly closed, and the causes affecting this muscle vary between surgery and the side effects of some drugs and damage to some nerves as a result of the presence of a disease such as diabetes for example.

Treatment of reverse ejaculation

The treatment of reverse ejaculation depends mainly on treating and treating the cause, and changing or reducing the doses of drugs that cause reverse ejaculation may improve the condition and follow-up with the doctor in the event that fertilization is inability.


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Premature ejaculation is the most common ejaculation problem in men, according to the research made by National Health Service in the United Kingdom and it is defined as when a man ejaculates during intercourse before the wife reaches the height of her climax, and this is according to the National Library of Health in the United States. What are its causes and effects? What are the solutions?

One of the difficulties facing developing a definition of premature ejaculation is determining the "appropriate" time that a man needs to reach ejaculation that suits his marital partner, which differs from one person to another, but the definition of premature ejaculation is related to the other party that determines whether the period is suitable for his life. Or not enough.

According to the research done by National Health Service in the United Kingdom, a study of five hundred couples from five different countries showed that the average time between penis penetration into the vagina and ejaculation was about five and a half minutes, but this does not mean that it is the normal time but rather depends on the other party.