Relationship Between Depression and Erectile Dysfunction







Warning Signs Of Depression And Erectile Dysfunction:

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem. It is estimated that half of all men older than 50 erectile dysfunction will from time to time experience. How do you know whether depression is part of the problem? Watch out for these warning signs:

1.You have lost the desire for sex, and sex does not feel more enjoyable.
2.You are using antidepressant and that will affect your sex life.
3.You have erectile dysfunction, along with strong feelings of fear, frustration and stress.
4.Erectile dysfunction is associated with negative feelings about yourself.

How To Get Help For Depression And Erectile Dysfunction

At the first to prevent erectile dysfunction and depression overcome the urge not to talk about it or accept that it is just a normal part of aging or stress. In many cases, there are medical cause of depression and erectile dysfunction, and the two points can be treated with success in most cases. Here are some steps you can take:

1.Tell your doctor about your problems with your sex life.
2.If you are on an antidepressant, your doctor may give you lower dose.
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Don't Let Impotence To Affect Your Marriage











 What do you do when ED is a physical problem, but you do not want to end the sexual side of your relationship? You want to feel intimate. You want to feel pleasure. You want to be able to smile again without this big thing between you-this feeling like you're far away, and you are controlling, and things will never be quite right.

If your husband can not have more sexual intercourse, the chances are that he is really grieving. A large part of his life that many would say is the most important part-seems to have disappeared. Allow him to vent these feelings without solving them. Now is not the time to say, "but we can still do X ..." Let him vent. And hold it. And say to him: "I will always love you, and we will get through this, and we will find our way."

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That being said, you can not stay in the grieving process. You have to move on, and you have to find a way through in the direction of a new kind of intimacy.

Now, you are not going to be able to do anything if you do not first talk about the issue. So the question is not really "how we can save our sex life when he has ED," but rather "how can we continue to talk about our sex life if he ED, and not ignore the elephant in the room?"

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Triggering Factors Of Premature Ejaculation












Before looking at the solution of premature ejaculation, first stroke to the source and cause of the discharge, we need to determine the trigger, if any.

Triggering Factors of Premature Ejaculation
The main factors that shorten the time of sexual intercourse in male are listed below, if you have premature ejaculation, the best is know them before looking for the solution.

-The excitement level of the male sex.
-Due to the increase in the stimulating effect of sexual partners .
-The age of the person, it is more common to have premature ejaculation at a young age.
-The frequency of sexual intercourse can trigger premature ejaculation.
-Having sexual intercourse under stress or exhausted.
-The unease of first sexual intercourse.

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Spice Up Your Bedroom










The biggest complaint of married couples isthe lost the passion for sex. Do not deceive yourself that being each other's best friend will make your marriage will last forever. Sooner or later, one of the partners, will have an interest in someone else. For a successful marriage, you should talk frequently and honestly with each other. You should be able to talk about everything. You must solve the problems together, you must be a team. Whatever happens, your communication must continue..

You can try a few different ways to spice up your sex life:

Make-Up Sex
After discussing, it can be more meaningful to have sex when you forgive each other.

Fantasy Sex
Add nurse fantasy, slave master fantasy, stripper and customer fantasy come to your sex routine and enrich the scenario with costumes, masks, sex toys, leather outfits.

Romantic Sex
You can enhance this option like a candle light, dinner, a light chat, stylish clothes, nice hotel room ideas. This always work with anniversaries, Valentine's Day or when the relationship needs a little excitement.

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Sneaky Sex
This is electrifying as the forbidden fruit. While children are watching television, when you go to your parent’s home, in your old room or your partner's work…Having sex behind locked doors can be extremely exciting.

Relaxation Sex
To have sex when one of you upset or stressed will strengthen the bond between you and your partner.

New Couple Sex
Revive the first days of your relationship. You meet up somewhere, drink coffee, and you go crazy to go home and make love.

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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Erectile dysfunction is the lack of will to have sex and erection or not beeing able to sustain the state during erection.
In this case, man can not provide the rigidity of the penis to initiate a sexual relationship or to continue to ensure that satisfaction. Erection (hardening) is an involuntary event that occurs in response to sexual excitement or stimulation.


A sexual stimulation can increase blood flow to the penis, as a result of the joint effect of brain, nerve, heart, blood vessels and hormones.

The penis consists of 3 tubular structure. Two of them are on the sides and the upper side, the other one is on the lower and middle side of the penis. The one at the bottom-middle has the the urinary tract and contributing to hardening is not much. The other two cylinders into the fullness of blood, the penis becomes larger for sexual intercourse, and hardening becomes steeper.

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60% of men will experience short-term or permanent impotence problems throughout their lives. Erectile dysfunction affects men's or couple's life in a negative way, but the results vary from person to person. Some men can accept it as a natural process. This may become a focal point to disrupt his entire life and depression in younger people may drag or in men with a more active life.

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Quality Sex Life

Quality Sex Life

The consumption of seafood, pumpkin seeds, eggs, foods like spinach is very useful because it increases sexual power with their high zinc content. If you want to be irresistible to your partner empower your sex hormones with these foods.

Keep Scoring
Couples can increase the strength of the relationship as talking about sex. Asking their willingness and talking to each other can make the relationship more enjoyable. Partners will feel even more motivated by talking about the time and orgasm.

After Sex, Say 'I Love You'
As a result of researches, to express love words is very important to strengthen the correlation for long-term relationships. When a partner say 'I love you' after sexual intercourse, couples become very happy, and this can increase their commitment.

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Maybe you're too busy, but this does not mean you can not take the time to have sex. You can have sex even in your busy schedule. The best way is try fast and hot. Make it more fun by creating opportunities for hot sex.

Stay Away From Stress For Quality Sex
You and your partner stay away from stress and anxiety to a quality sex. This may wear out wears sex life and libido.
Whisper your desires to your partner's ear softly sexy. You will find that your partner gives you a hot response in an instant.

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